Small Plot Of Lands Are Not A Problem For Condominium Developers

Finding a place to live in a small-size country like Singapore is not easy. Aside from looking for the scarce available land, you also need to find a land that is big enough for you to build a house on it. If you live in a country with such a condition, you can be certain that building a standard house on a plot of land is near impossible. Furthermore, by the time you find a plot of land, the price for that land can be expensive, and there’s no guarantee that the location of that land itself is strategic. This is one of the biggest reasons why condominium units like the M at Bugis are really sought after by a lot of people.

Realistically, people can’t build a standard house in a crowded small, crowded country. That’s why developers prefer to build vertical housings that require only small to a medium plot of lands, and instead of building their properties horizontally, they build theirs vertically. This is such a convenient idea to run a real estate company without wasting too much money on the plot of land itself. This means they can focus their investment funds for building materials, architecture, and also for other facilities that can be provided for their condominium complexes.

Besides that, you can also expect that by only requiring a small plot of land, it will be quite easy for professional developers to put their condominium complexes right in the middle of a busy area, like the M at Bugis. So you can expect there will be more and more condominium complexes in famous areas, especially the ones that close to a lot of companies and other important public facilities.

Furthermore, thanks to the small plot of land that can be utilized for building a condominium complex, it gives more available space for the government to turn such an empty space for green areas, so they can build parks and other important public places near crowded condominium complexes, like the M in the CBD. Therefore, if you want to find a good condo that suits your “work hard and play hard” lifestyle, you should consider such a condo that is located near your office but it’s also surrounded by green areas or other necessary facilities.

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