Tariff clampdown hits home goods: sweeping changes in GSP

tariff concept

WAshington (FNS)–More than $1 billion worth of annual trade in home furnishing products has been removed from duty-free status by President Reagan under tighter restrictions that the White House has clamped on a special program designed to aid the economies of emerging countries. A wide range of items, including telephones, cookware, waterbed mattresses and radio […]

Kenney mini-blinds gaining in dept. stores


NEW YORK–Since Kenney Manufacturing diversified from drapery hardware to hard window coverings in 1981, it has gone from being an exclusive mass merchant resource to a steadily growing factor in department stores where a whopping 60 percent of its mini-blinds are sold. Kenney now does about 35 percent of its overall sales with department stores […]



Let’s face it. The era of the sommelier –in America at least–is dead. More accurately, it’s over even before it ever began. In today’s American restaurant, every waiter must also be a sommelier. He must be as polished and comfortable about suggesting and serving Chardonnay as he is about suggesting and serving steak tartare. Ironically, […]

Material wealth


Specifying upholstery Several factors–all equally important–affect the life expectancy of upholstery. The first is the kind and amount of use. Even within the same room, one chair may be used ten times more than the others. The frequency and thoroughness of cleaning is a factor; so is the amount of light. Generally, fabrics that snag […]

D.I.Y. Home Warehouse focuses on operations


D.I.Y. Home Warehouse Pres and CEO Clifford Reynolds decided to stop putting up new stores as the company tries to focus on debt servicing and operations reengineering. Confident with D.I.Y.’s great profit-generating potential despite its smaller shops and because of lower real estate costs, Reynolds is optimistic that it can still meet its big box […]

Material wealth Part 2: Wall covering methods


As fabric-covered office partitions have become more widespread, special “panel” fabrics have been developed specifically for this use. Typical panel fabrics are lighter in weight and less resistant to abrasion than upholstery fabrics, and are flame retardent. Their color tends to be lighter than middle value (and, of course, colorfast). They have enough texture to […]